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19th Sep 2017, 2:00pm

Fastwrap Wall Underlay for transportable charity home project Architect: AD Architecture. City: Wellington.  Project type: Residential With its ‘go anywhere, do anything&rsqu ... more

18th Mar 2016, 3:45pm

Fastwrap Wall Underlay ticked all the boxes as an easy-to-use and dependable weather-proofing solution in this Waimauku renovation by Logan Architects. “With renovation projects we try to retain a ... more

15th Dec 2014, 2:53pm

For a developer with a wide range of projects, it makes sense to specify a wall underlay that’s appraised for use anywhere and everywhere. For Aaron Paku of Paradise Building Developments, Fastwrap ... more

28th Nov 2014, 11:47am

Even the most skilled plasterer will struggle to meet quality standards and achieve a beautiful plaster finish when beginning with an uneven base. Fastfix Premium-6 Crimped Plaster Netting assures a ... more

15th Sep 2014, 12:55pm

Use the Fastwrap Underlay System to weatherproof all buildings – no matter where they are, or what they have to withstand.   Fastwrap Wall Underlay is a lightweight, fire retardan ... more