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Brendon Gordon Architecture used Fastfix to achieve an accurate depth of plaster cover and a flawless finish in this Ohauiti residence.


Even the most skilled plasterer will struggle to meet quality standards and achieve a beautiful plaster finish when beginning with an uneven base. Fastfix Premium-6 Crimped Plaster Netting assures a consistent, uniform space between the netting and wall underlay – with less risk of human error in installation.

In this Ohauiti home by award-winning Brendon Gordon Architecture Ltd, Fastfix provided the reassurance of quality workmanship that the design demanded. “It gives the plasterer an accurate depth of cover” explains Brendon, “so it’s an ideal gauge for quality control”.  

BRANZ appraised Fastfix has a regular 6mm crimp that creates even spacing across the entire span of netting. This eliminates the need to manually insert spacers, avoiding the risk of inconsistent application as well as saving valuable time. It can be run straight, or bent around corners, making it ideal for complex designs. 

Fastfix can be used in both residential and commercial applications and is manufactured in New Zealand, with a heavy 150g/m2 galvanised coating that delivers up to six times longer life than light galv netting. With Paul Industries’ unique one-phase crimping process, crimping of a consistently high standard is offered without reducing the length of the roll.

Paul Industries recommend that Fastfix Premium-6 Plaster Netting be used in conjunction with Fastwrap Wall Underlay and Fastwrap Ultra-Bond Sill Tape


Fastfix has a regular 5mm crimp that creates a consistent space between underlay and netting. It eliminates the need for spacers and guides the plasterer in achieving an accurate depth of cover.