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Barbed Wire

For product information and technical specs on our Bayonet Barbed Wire please choose from the following:

Bayonet Premium-18 Barbed Wire is Kiwi made quality with 18 times the life-span of lightly galvanised wire.

Made from a double strand of zinc aluminium wire, you can depend on Bayonet Premium-18 Barbed Wire for improved durability and rust resistance. Barbs are locked in place and won’t twist or slide, and our coils lie flat and unroll easily.

Iowa Barbed Wire

Bayonet Premium-18 Iowa Barbed Wired is constructed from a double strand of 2.5mm low tensile wire. 

It is flexible and easier to work with than high tensile wire and is recommended for rural fencing. More...

Reverse Twist Barbed Wire

Bayonet Premium-18 Reverse Twist Barbed Wire is constructed from a double strand of 1.6mm high tensile wire. At each barb, the twin wires twist in the alternate direction. This locks the barbs firmly in place and
reduces sagging.

It can be tensioned to prevent stretching and is recommended for security fencing. More...