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Barbed Wire - Iowa

DESCRIPTION: Bayonet Premium-18 Iowa Barbed Wire is constructed from a twisted double strand of 2.5mm low tensile zinc aluminium coated wire, with barbs at regular spaced intervals. It is used in rural fencing for livestock control and in security fencing.
  • Zinc aluminium wire improves durability and rust resistance, delivering up to 18 times the lifespan of light galvanised wire.
  • Complies with Coating Standard AS/NZS 4534: 2006 Class W05.
  • Kiwi made.
  • Coils lie flat and unroll easily for convenient application.
  • Flexible and easier to work with than high tensile wire.
  • Barbs are securely locked in place and will not twist or slide along the wire.

75mm (3 inch) Barb Spacings, 25kg coil, approx. L 225m per coil
150mm (6 inch) Barb Spaciings, 25kg coil, approx. L 255m per coil