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FENCE - WIRE - Double Strand Wire

DESCRIPTION: Bayonet Premium-18 Double Strand Wire comprises two strands of low tensile 2.5mm diameter wire, twisted together, with a medium zinc aluminium coating. It is commonly used in the top and bottom strands of 7 strand fences to reduce movement of battens.
  • Zinc aluminium coating provides improved durability and resistance against corrosion, with an expected usable life up to 18 times longer than light galv products.
  • Kiwi made.
  • Twice the surface area of standard fencing wire for increased visibility.
  • Double strand of low-tensile wire delivers adequate strength whilst still being easy to work with.
  • Twin strands of soft wire provide effective stock control with enough give to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Breaking strain is up to 5160N.
  • Complies with Coating Standard AS/NZS 4534: 2006 Class W05.

2 Strands of 2.5mm wire braided together, Average Weight = 25kg coil, Approx Length 280m per coil