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Fencing Wire

For product information and technical specs on our Bayonet Fencing Wire please choose from the following:

Take the headache out of your next fencing job with premium quality fencing products by Bayonet. Processed in NZ from the highest quality imported stock to perform in NZ conditions.

Bayonet Fencing Wire has excellent malleability for ease of use and is available in a large range of wire diameters from 1.60mm to 4.00mm.

Available in both low tensile and high tensile grades. High tensile wire is recommended for conventional or electric fencing and will provide a more resilient, stock-proof fence. Low tensile wire is more flexible and easier to work with.


Tie Easy, Tangle Free

There’s nothing worse than tangled wire, so we coil our wire using a tension-free process on a horizontal plain. Bayonet Fencing Wire comes with the Bayonet guarantee of NZ coiled, tie easy, tangle free. You’ll get fencing wire that lies flat and unrolls easily without time wasting tangles.