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Fencing Wire - High Tensile

DESCRIPTION: Bayonet Premium-18 HT Fencing Wire is a high tensile wire with a medium zinc aluminium coating.
  • A premium quality fencing wire with a 90% zinc, 10% aluminium coating.
  • This provides improved durability and resistance against corrosion with an expected usable life up to three times that of heavily galvanised wire.
  • It is designed to withstand adverse weather, humidity, various chemical sprays, pesticides & insecticides.
  • Excellent malleability for ease of use.
  • Guaranteed NZ coiled.
  • Tangle free and easy to tie.
  • Complies with AS/NZS 4534: 2006 & NZS 3471: 1974.
  • High tensile wire is stronger than soft / low tensile wire and will maintain a higher tension for improved stockholding.
  • It is recommended for conventional or electric fencing.
  • Often combined with Deer Netting to withstand downward pressure from livestock.

2.50mm Wire Diameter (12.5 gauge), Average Weight = 25 kg coil, Approx Length 648m, Min. Break Load/Kg force = 620, Recommended Tension/Kg force = 150
3.15mm Wire Diameter (10 gauge), Average Weight = 25 kg coil, Approx Length 408m, Min. Break Load/Kg force = 835, Recommended Tension/Kg force = 200
4.00mm Wire Diameter (8 gauge/No. 8 Wire), Average Weight = 25 kg coil, Approx Length L 253m, Min. Break Load/Kg force = 1405, Recommended Tension/Kg force = 300