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Synthetic Roof Underlay

Wrap it fast with Fastwrap

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Fastwrap FlameSpec Roof Underlay

For effective fire protection that won’t shrink, look no further than Fastwrap FlameSpec Roof Underlay. It’s strong, antiglare and water resistant. Best of all it’s BRANZ appraised for use in all areas without restriction.

Traditional kraft based papers are likely to shrink, this reduces their effectiveness and can cause expensive rework. Why take this risk when Fastwrap FlameSpec Roof Underlay gives you the reassurance of doing the job once?

Fastwrap FlameSpec Roof Underlay is a synthetic  underlay that’s stronger and more resilient than kraft based papers. And with our anti-glare grey finish, it also reduces eye-strain.

Fastwrap FlameSpec Roof Underlay can be used in all buildings without restriction, so you don’t need to carry a range of products. You’ll have less stock to carry and the confidence of knowing you’ve always got the right underlay for the job.

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