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Synthetic Roof Underlay - Pauloid Self Support

DESCRIPTION: A synthetic self-supporting roofing underlay for use under roof claddings. It is used to reduce drafts and assist in moisture management. It consists of a micro-porous water-resistant film, laminated to two layers of non-woven spun-bonded polyolefin. It is black on the top face, white on the bottom face and is printed with laying lines.
  • BRANZ appraisal No. 984 [2017].
  • Breathable water-resistant film reduces the risk of condensation when compared with conventional Kraft papers.
  • Anti-microbial and will not rot.
  • Stronger and more resistant to shrinkage than conventional self-supporting kraft paper underlays.
  • Suitable for use in all Building Wind Zones of NZS 3604 up to, and including 'Extra High'.
  • Can be installed in wet conditions without affecting its surface.
  • Suitable for timber framed and steel framed structures.
  • Spans up to 1200mm centres between purlins without support.

1500mm wide x L 34m = 50m2