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Safety Mesh / Netting

For product information and technical specs on our safety mesh and safety netting, please choose from the following:

Kiwimesh Premium Roof Safe Mesh (Steel)

Kiwimesh Roof Safe Mesh has been developed and tested under professional engineering supervision for New Zealand conditions. Supplied direct from our New Zealand factory, delivery times are short and
minimum order volumes are low. 

With our unique Mega-Length rolls you can cover up to 130m in one continuous run. More...

Kiwimesh PVC Coated Roof Safe Mesh 

With a white PVC coating, this product delivers signficantly improved rust resistance, plus aesthetic good looks that make it at home in any situation. 

PVC is not affected by coastal salts, chemicals or UV rays, making Kiwimesh PVC Coated Roof Safe Mesh your obvious choice for use near the coast or swimming pools, under skylights, or in factories using corrosive chemicals. It’s even suitable for use in intensive farming such as piggeries or chicken sheds.

The good looks of white Kiwimesh PVC Coated Roof Mesh make it a popular choice for sporting or entertainment complexes. Its white colouring allows it to blend effectively with white faced aluminium foil and other building materials. More...

Bayonet Roof Safe Netting

This 113mm hexagonal netting with its unique twin reinforcing strand has been developed and tested under professional engineering supervision to keep you and your crew safe.  You’ll also keep your tools right where you want them. Why risk injury from falling tools when our unique shape and small netting size provide the best barrier for tools around? More...

Try our EXACT-CUT service

With EXACT-CUT we’ll cut and supply precise lengths to order so you can roll it out and fix it from end to end. Eliminate time-intensive joins and wasteful off-cuts for the quickest, safest job.

Service is availble for Kiwimesh Roof Safe Mesh (Steel) and Bayonet Safety Netting.

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