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Safety Mesh / Netting - Roof Safe Netting

DESCRIPTION: Bayonet Roof Safe Mesh is a woven flat hexagonal netting used as a support for roofing underlays and insulation. It can also be used to provide a safety net against falls during initial roof installation and for ongoing maintenance work.
  • A hexagonal wire netting, spaced at 113mm centres with twin reinforcing wire.
  • Consists of 1.00mm diameter mild steel wire and 2 x 1.20mm diameter reinforcing wires twisted together.
  • Suitable for use on both commercial and residential sites.
  • Can be used over the trusses or as a safety net over the top plate.
  • Suitable for both timber and steel structures.
  • Flexible and easy to contour, a good option where varying and complex roof lines apply.
  • Unique shape and small mesh size helps to prevent tools falling through.
  • Our EXACT-CUT service provides precise lengths for each job.
  • Complies with Safety Mesh Standard AS/NZS 4389: 2015.
  • Galvanising complies with AS/NZS 4534: 2006 Class W02.
  • Wire tensile strength is between 380 and 550 MPa.
  • Kiwi made.

113mm Hexagonal Wire Mesh, 1.0mm Wire Diameter plus 2 x 1.2mm Reinforcing Wires Twisted Together, 1800mm wide, L 50m, Area Cover = 90m2
Custom lengths available on request.