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Synthetic Wall Underlay

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Wrap it fast with Fastwrap

Using different underlay systems for different applications is now a thing of the past. BRANZ appraised Fastwrap does it all.

Fastwrap Wall Underlay is a lightweight, weather resistant underlay that’s tear-resistant, easy to work with and anti-glare. Best of all, it’s BRANZ appraised for use in all areas and all applications. When used in conjuction with Fastwrap Ultra-Bond Sill Tape, it's a system that's hard to beat.  

If you’re an architect, specifying is more straight-forward. For builders, buying is simpler, you’ll have less stock to carry, and there’s no risk of getting to site and discovering you’ve got the wrong product for the job. 

So whilst it won't quite leap tall buildings in a single bound, Fastwrap will make your next job a lot easier.